Concert photos

Rhythms and Rhymes‘ was an expo on 8 years of concert photography (2007-2015). The exhibition took place at Hypermobiel in Borgerhout (Antwerp) early November 2016. The expo was showing big (70×50 cm), medium (40×30 cm) and smaller (30×20 cm) prints in colour and black&white and also a projected slideshow. At tables there were also 4 books with colour versions of an even wider selection of my live concert photos.

Here are some example concert photos (black & white):
Photos part 1: Seasick Steve, Donavon Frankenreiter, Triggerfinger, Trixie Whitley, Giant Sand, The Scabs, Howe Gelb, Motek, Arno
Photos part 2: Woven Hand, Gary Clark Jr., Admiral Freebee, JD Mc Pherson, Fernant Zeste

On my Flickr account you can find more images of the expo.