After years of graphic design work in the cultural field and photographing many concerts, travels and street art, I have put my camera aside for a new challenge. Although the subjects in the images are not completely different, making collages takes me away from computers and all things digital : cutting and pasting with left-overs of wrapping paper, personages and letters, sometimes cut-outs of my own pictures, old magazines, vintage advertisements, road maps and colourful backgrounds or abraded skateboards, recycled cardboards and used envelopes… .

A for Afroblues

Meanwhile at the bank

L’homme qui voyait voler des poissons

Soul A.M. (After Midnight)


Thank you for flying with us

Tigra at The Sunny Banks of the River Lethe

DE/CON/STRUCTIONS: is a colourful exhibition with ‘images of destructive construction’: by cutting in existing images you destroy them, but at the same time you open a door towards creativity and the assembly of something new made out of older components. Just like a cook in a kitchen, that cuts away certain less tasty parts of vegetables, I keep the essence and combine these puzzle pieces into a free association of humour, music, esthetics, surrealism and minimalism. Only recently I started to do collages on abraded skateboards, which will create a spatial variation with the exhibited frames with cut-and-pasted pieces of paper.


Board of lilies

One day we’ll all fly away

Oranges & Lemons

Delfts Blauw