Mid September 2019 and some sunny days ahead for our escapade en Champagne. We found a room in one of the most lovely boutique hotels of this very special wine region. Château de Sacy is a 5 star hotel surrounded by beautiful vineyards and the perfect starting point for explorations towards Reims and Verzenay.

Château de Sacy

Château de Sacy – © Sam Geuens

Sacy itself is a small historical village with less than 500 inhabitants just outside of Reims and is completely surrounded by fields of ‘green gold’. Multiple smaller champagne houses can be visited in walking distance from each other in the peaceful wine village of Sacy.


Sacy – © Sam Geuens

On the next day Reims, the capital of the Champagne region was on our list. This charming city breathes history and has architecture from many different periods and styles like Art Nouveau and Art Déco. A few years after our first short visit to Reims we now planned to see more and eat and drink the local delicacies.

Reims - Le Cellier

Reims – Le Cellier – © Sam Geuens

Just outside Reims many prestigious champagne houses can be visited, like Pommery, Taittinger and Vranken. We took a guided tour in the caves of Taittinger and learnt a lot about the complicated production process of bubbles.

Villa Demoiselle

Villa Demoiselle – © Sam Geuens

Villa Demoiselle is the former house of the owner of Vranken champagne and is now turned into a unique museum. We loved spending our afternoon there and bought even some bottles to take home. And then it was time to explore the further region by driving our car through the champagne fields.

Vineyards near Verzenay

Vineyards near Verzenay – © Sam Geuens

Moulin de Verzenay

Moulin de Verzenay – © Sam Geuens