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Road trip Koblenz & Rhine banks

After having seen the beautiful green banks of the Mösel river in 2018, we decided to drive back to this German wine region for a 2-day road trip. Koblenz is the oldest city of Germany and was, besides the capital of Prussia, also in Roman times already an important and strategic location. Walking into the Altstadt you are surrounded by history.


Koblenz – Altstadt

But the most impressive thing to see in Koblenz is actually the view from the river banks of Rhine and Mösel, as these 2 rivers confluent here at the famous Deutsches Eck. In all seasons, but maybe mostly in autumn, you will be surrounded by wonderful tree colours and many boats and cruise ships.


Koblenz – Rhine bank

Make a relaxing stroll along the Rhine and find everywhere benches to sit or just stare at the buildings on the other side of the river.


Koblenz – Rhine

From Koblenz you can easily drive out to see other towns and castles along the Rhine, like Rheinfels (St- Goar) and Stolzenfels castle.


Rheinfels castle



Rheinfels – view from castle to surroundings near St. Goar



Stolzenfels – castle

Everywhere in this region you will find historical places with authentic architecture, like for example in Boppard, where the river makes its biggest bend. Try to see this magnificent view from the top of the hills with the Boppard chair-lift.


Boppard – Altstadt

Also in Roman times Boppard was already inhabited and you will find some ruins of the old city wall and a fortress. Certainly take also a walk along the river at the Rheinallee (Rhine promenade).


Boppard – Rhine view

And don’t forget to taste the local wines! This the home of the famous Riesling wines, which you will easily find in of the many wine shops, bars or restaurants.


Boppard – Altstadt near Rheinallee



Road trip Luxemburg

The end of May had some sunny days and we were happy to drive around in beautifully green Luxemburg to see some of its castles, rivers and historical towns, like Clervaux, Vianden, Beaufort, Echternach and Luxembourg city.


Château de Clervaux – © Sam Geuens

In Clervaux you can still see, besides the charming and historical town itself, the famous photography expo ‘Family Of Man’ by Edward Steichen (UNESCO heritage). We liked it so much we even bought the book of the expo with hundreds of interesting black and white art photos, showing all stages of a human life in diverse places around the globe.


Château de Vianden – © Sam Geuens

We slept in Auberge Victor Hugo in Vianden, which is a perfect and historical place to stay in to visit the surroundings, like going up the hill next to the impressive castle with the ‘télésiège'(cable lift).


Château de Beaufort – © Sam Geuens

In the ruin of the Château de Beaufort, you can even try a locally made cassis drink, but most of all it shows you how living in the middle ages inside a castle must have been. Next to it there is also a beautiful renaissance palace that is still being inhabited by the present owners of the old medieval castle.