Lyrics & Poetry


My nights are getting shorter
I don’t go dancing anymore
And everything reminds
that we come as we go

My days wear a number
And time is running out
We should live in the moment
And learn to laugh out loud

Cause our days will seem longer
When sharing is our goal
And those who hide their smile
Are not welcome anymore

Let’s look what’s inside
Our present for tonight
You’re the only one
That can heal your own pride

This might be the day
That keeps tomorrow away
A neverending story
Without a price to pay

And if we need to go
Before the end of this show
Then dance a little more
And forget the train going home


Red curtains turn light
into glow
Our spirits are tools
to find out where we go

Late blossoms are moments
We need to foresee
Time to wake up
And become free

Cause I wanna breathe
my mind open
and my hands free
to hold every moment

Blue birds are seldomly seen
Close to cash and machines
They travel all the time
To find the best of the vine

We all have our heroes
But don’t really read
Words that were written
To find inner peace

Red curtains turn light
into glow
And reveal the colour
Of your soul


When the sun
is awake
I am there
To hold the flame

And in the night
I hope the wind
Will blow away
Our shame

I have climbed
The mountains
And I have
Swum in the lake

I have seen
The sun rise
And sail into heaven
When the hour is late

I have dived in the sea
Surrounded by desire
I’ve seen a full moon
Still getting higher

I’ve looked at the sky
And counted the stars
I’ve reached the end
And made a new start

I feel a river
Running through my heart
My mind is open
And tears me apart

Here comes the sun
That makes darkness end
Here comes the moon
And the moon is my friend

I am an ocean
I make sudden waves
I am the moon
And the dark is my lake

Our boat hits the water
The level gets higher
I am the moon
And I am on fire